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Why drivers need a personal injury attorney after a crash

On Behalf of | May 7, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Although people acknowledge car crashes as a potential safety risk, they often assume they can avoid them. No matter how safety-conscious someone is and how modern their vehicle might be, other drivers can put someone at serious risk. Someone looking down at their phone or driving while seriously fatigued could cause a crash that puts someone else in the hospital and renders their vehicle unsafe to drive.

Those not at fault for a crash could have thousands of dollars in losses to address. They could potentially fall victim to the common misconception that handling the aftermath of a crash without assistance is the best solution. Many people find that the outcome of a crash is more favorable when they partner with an attorney.

Why is legal representation necessary when handling the consequences of a collision?

Manipulative insurance company tactics

The advertisements constantly playing on the television and radio make people mistakenly assume that they can handle car insurance claims on their own. Even after a crash puts someone in the hospital, they may believe that they can handle the claims process on their own behalf. Unfortunately, it is often only after an unfavorable claim outcome that people realize the mistake that they have made. Insurance companies count on people putting blind faith in them and often manipulate people into accepting less than they deserve.

Personal injury attorneys are familiar with insurance company tactics. They can help people review policy documents to determine what policy limits apply and what coverage is available. They can also handle the negotiation process on behalf of the person affected by the crash so that they don’t have to split their attention between financial matters and physically recovering from the collision.

The potential need for a lawsuit

Regardless of how much damage a crash causes, insurance only pays up to the limits of the coverage carried by the driver at fault for the wreck. In cases where the coverage is quite low or the costs related to the collision are relatively high, taking legal action via a personal injury lawsuit might be the best option available. During a lawsuit, plaintiffs often require representation. It is easier to transition into the civil suit process when there is already a lawyer familiar with the insurance company’s responses and the circumstances of the crash.

Those who have legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer when dealing with the aftermath of a car crash are in a better position to obtain appropriate compensation for property damage losses and injuries caused by a collision. At the end of the day, securing the right assistance as early as possible can benefit those negatively affected by a recent wreck.