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What are the most dangerous roads in Cleveland?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In Cleveland, Ohio, driving can be difficult, partially because drivers have to navigate some notably treacherous roads. While the city boasts a robust transportation network, specific routes stand out for their high accident rates and potential risks.

Each road has its unique set of risks, influenced by factors like traffic patterns, road design and local weather conditions. Learning about these dangerous roads can provide valuable insights for residents and visitors alike.

U.S. Route 42

U.S. Route 42 is a critical connector, but it becomes hazardous near Cleveland. This road’s peril stems from its dual purposes. It transitions from a high-speed rural route to a more congested urban setting. This sudden change can be jarring for drivers. With their higher speed limits, the rural sections risk high-speed collisions, while the urban areas are prone to congested traffic issues.


I-90 is a major arterial road that runs along Lake Erie’s shores. It has a reputation for speed-related accidents. The long, straight stretches of I-90 encourage faster driving, while its proximity to the lake can lead to abrupt weather shifts. Fog, lake-effect snow and icy conditions are common. This combination of high speeds and unpredictable weather makes I-90 a challenging route for drivers.

I-75 and I-71

I-75 and I-71 are both major interstates that cut through Cleveland and other Ohio cities, so drivers must face the challenges of urban driving. These roads are often congested, especially during peak travel times. The mix of local and through traffic contributes to a heightened risk of accidents. Frequent lane changes, abrupt stops, and the sheer volume of vehicles can lead to collisions, making these interstates some of the most challenging to navigate in Cleveland.

Kinsman Road

Kinsman Road is notorious in Cleveland for its traffic dangers. Busy intersections and high-density residential and commercial areas characterize this road. The presence of pedestrians and various vehicles, from cars to buses, increases the likelihood of accidents. Kinsman Road demands heightened vigilance from drivers, especially during peak hours when pedestrian and vehicular traffic peaks.

Regardless of the location of a crash, victims must ensure they get the necessary medical care. This may be a costly undertaking, so the victims may opt to pursue a compensation claim to help cover those expenses if their collisions were caused by the negligence of others. This must be done within the time limit established by state law, so quick action is critical.