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Workplace Injuries

The hardworking people of Ohio go to work each day without the thought that they might get hurt. Unfortunately, workplace injuries still happen every day; whether it is something as small as a slip-and-fall to something as serious as an equipment malfunction that causes severe injury.

When you are injured at work, you will be covered under your employer’s workers’ compensation policy, which your employer is required to maintain under Ohio law. However, it is possible that your injury was not caused by something your employer did, but rather by someone else. For example, if someone delivering supplies to your place of employment knocks over something that hits you and causes you to get hurt, you have more than just a workers’ compensation claim. You also have a personal injury claim and you need an experienced team of attorneys to help fight for you!

Here, at The Czack Law Firm, LLC, we have in-depth experience pursuing personal injury claims that stem from Worker’s Compensation claims and injuries that occur while on the job. Call today to find out if your workplace injury has given rise to a potential personal injury claim!

What To Do After A Workplace Injury

If you are hurt at your place of employment, you should do the following things:

Report the injury: You should immediately report to your supervisor that you were injured in the course of your employment. They will direct you on what steps to take next for your worker’s compensation claim:

Take photos: If at all possible, you should take pictures of what caused your injury or how you were injured.

Document: Take notes of everything related to your injury, including: names of witnesses, names/brands of any equipment that was involved, the names of any companies other than yours that have been involved, the date, time, and specific location of the injury, and any other relevant information.

Contact an attorney: You should not wait to contact The Czack Law Firm, LLC, to discuss your potential claims. Our law firm partners with several different workers’ compensation law firms that will diligently represent you in the worker’s compensation portion of your claim while we handle your personal injury claim. Our firm is experienced and knowledgeable in determining whether or not your worker’s compensation claim also has a personal injury component to it in addition to the worker’s compensation claim.

Discuss Your Case With Us In A Free Consultation

Czack Law Firm offers free initial consultations to Northeast Ohio workers who were injured on the job. When you work with our firm, we will help you explore all possible sources of compensation and will seek to maximize your available benefits. To get started, contact us online or call our Cleveland office at 216-696-9216.