The Czack Law Firm Personal Injury Awards and Results

Our Proven Results Handling Large, Serious Car, Motorcycle, Truck, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases are what Makes us a Leader

The Czack Law Firm has a proven track record of taking on big insurance companies and winning sizeable awards and judgments for its clients. Here is a listing of recent results achieved by The Czack Law Firm:

Animal Bites
• A $100,000 homeowner's insurance payment to an Ashtabula County woman who was bit by a friend's dog that she was "dog-sitting." It was found that the dog had been involved in 2 prior vicious attacks.

• A homeowner’s policy limits settlement from the owner of a dog that bit a minor female causing facial scarring.

Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents
• A confidential personal injury award to a teen-ager who was seriously injured when she was ejected from her car after being struck by a drunken driver who was driving without his headlights on.

• A $310,000 settlement for an office manager who was seriously injured when a falling object pierced the windshield of her moving car which caused a rollover crash.

• A $245,000 settlement for a cyclist who suffered a rotator cuff injury when struck by a car, which ran a red light. Both the driver of the car and the cyclist’s underinsured motorist policy paid the settlement.

• A $100,000 policy limit recovery to a business consultant struck from behind while attempting to turn into her driveway. The client sustained dental and head injuries when her head struck the driver’s side window.

• A $98,000 uninsured motorist settlement for a paramedic who suffered a knee injury when his motorcycle was struck by a driver who turned left in front of him as he was moving down the roadway.

• A confidential mediation result for a 38-year-old woman who suffered severe head and shoulder injuries when a defective truck tire came off a moving semi tractor-trailer and struck the roof of her car.

Commercial Truck Accidents
• A $5,000,000 settlement to a family for the loss of two family members when a semi tractor-trailer driver fell asleep, crashing into their stopped car.

• A $1,350,000 settlement for client injured when a trucker driver for a national trucking firm ran a stop sign causing an intersection collision.

• A $900,000 award for the wrongful death of a motorcyclist struck by a truck driver who failed to see the motorcyclist while turning his tractor-trailer left into the bike’s path of travel.

• A Confidential settlement for a woman seriously injured by a speeding tractor-trailer driver on a rural road in southern Ohio.

Construction Site Accidents
• A $400,000 construction accident award to a union worker who was injured when the roof on which he was working collapsed resulting in a severe low back injury.

• A confidential settlement for a construction worker struck by a commercial van while working on a highway road project.

• A $145,000 result for a highway construction worker who was struck and injured at his job site by a passing motorist. A portion of the settlement came from the client’s uninsured motorist policy.

Distracted Driving
• A $985,000 settlement with a national shipping company for an Erie County client who sustained multiple fractures when the truck driver ran a red traffic signal causing the collision. It was later learned that the truck driver was distracted because he was lost and looking at his onboard computer for directions.

Medical Negligence and Surgical Error
• A $2,750,000 settlement against a surgeon for a traumatic brain injury caused by substandard surgical technique during outpatient laser surgery.

• A $2,500,000 award for the death of a wife and mother who was misdiagnosed by her HMO primary care physician for failing to recognize that a sudden, severe headache was actually an impending brain aneurism.

• A confidential malpractice settlement for birth injuries suffered by a minor as a result of improper techniques used by the delivering physician.

• A $770,000 medical negligence settlement for the death of a 71-year-old retired autoworker. The case resulted in safety changes being made in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

• A confidential award to a 42-year-old engineer as a result of injuries suffered due to a wrong- site surgery.

• A confidential judgment for a child who sustained burns while at a babysitter’s home.

• A confidential settlement with a municipality for a minor child who was sexually assaulted while attending day care.

 • A $400,000 injury award to an elderly woman who suffered severe shoulder injuries requiring surgery when she tripped and fell on a defective brick in the parking lot at a local restaurant.

 • A $395,000 mediation result for a minor student who suffered spinal and leg injuries when a tree branch being cut by a homeowner fell through the windshield of the car in which she was a passenger causing the car to leave the road and roll over.

 • A $375,000 result for teacher seriously injured when her air bag exploded after she struck an unmarked, unlit concrete post in a hotel parking lot during a snowstorm.

• A confidential homeowner’s insurance policy limits settlement to a minor who sufferred serious arm injuries after being injured on a neighbor’s trampoline which was improperly put together by the homeowner.

• Policy limit payment from youth league insurance company to a youth athlete who suffered a complex wrist injury when he fell out of the side of school stadium bleachers. The youth football coach took him and his team to watch the school team scrimmage, but failed to properly supervise the youths while they were in the stands. Also, the coach did not get permission from the parents to take the players to the scrimmage.

• A confidential settlement resulting from private mediation for a 70-year-okd woman who died from a leg laceration. Our client, who was in a wheelchair, cut her leg on a cart located just inside the entrance to her independent living apartment complex.

• A $275,000 judgment for an 82-year-old woman injured when an automatic door malfunctioned and closed on her as she was walking through the front door of a national grocery store chain.

• A confidential settlement to a woman who lost the tip of her finger when a chair she sat in at a commercial business came down onto her hand.

Product Defects and Malfunctions
• A confidential product liabilty settlement to a machine worker who had two fingers amputated in a press, which lacked the proper safety guards. Workers’ Compensation  and VSSR safety claims were also a part of the global settlement.

 • A $415,000 product liabilty settlement to a cyclist who suffered neck and head injuries when the throttle on his recreational dirt bike malfunctioned causing him to be thrown from his bike.

Product Defects and Malfunctions (Cont.)
• A $5,500,000 product liability award in Summit County against an international pharmaceutical company. The drugmaker failed to disclose potentially severe adverse reactions of a drug it marketed and produced worldwide. As a result, our client suffered liver failure and other permanent neurological damages. The drug was later taken off the market by the FDA.

Work-Related Injuries
• A $875,000 settlement of an employer intentional tort case for a husband and father who was asphyxiated after his clothing became entangled in a moving conveyor belt. The company was required to revise its entire safety program after the incident.

• A $297,500 personal injury award to a 32-year-old police officer who suffered a herniated cervical disc at C5-6 requiring surgery after being rear-ended while sitting in his cruiser in a highway construction zone. The officer's workers' compensation claim was filed separate and apart from the settlement paid by the liability insurance carrier for the personal injury claim.

• A $450,000 settlement with continued Workers’ Compensation benefits for a 62-year-old electrician who required neck surgery after a collision on a country road near Bowling Green, Ohio.

 • A $237,000 payment to a police officer who suffered permanent injuries when two vehicles failed to slow in an accident investigation zone on a highway causing a multiple vehicle crash. The settlement included full and continued Workers’ Compensation benefits to be paid to the officer.

• A $525,000 settlement for a worker who had 75% of his hand amputated in a machine mishap.

• A $92,500 settlement for a painter who was injured when a century home porch rail he was painting collapsed causing injuries.

• An $82,000 settlement with a homeowner’s insurance carrier for a postal worker injured when a dog chased him. The postal worker tore a ligament in his knee as he attempted to flee the dog.

Wrongful Death
• A $1,200,000 settlement against a nursing home for wrongful death of a 76-year-old resident. The facility failed to properly manage a fellow resident's loud and aggressive behavior. The offending nursing home resident pushed the decedent causing him to fall and fracture his hip resulting in complications which eventually caused his death.

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